Improving Diversity in the Insolvency Industry

ABI's Diversity and Inclusion Working Group was put in place in 2019 to address issues with diversity, including racial diversity, within ABI, its leadership and our industry.

Our mission is to develop recommendations to increase diversity within ABI and its leadership, to help create opportunities for diverse ABI members, and otherwise to promote diversity within ABI and within our professions.

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Diversity Working Group


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For all the efforts around interrupting bias and diversifying the legal profession, recent data shows that diversity continues to be a problem area in the insolvency industry. While the road to a more equitable legal profession is a long one, there are practical tools and best practices that individuals and organizations can utilize today to not only increase diversity among their attorney ranks, but also cultivate a culture of belonging within their spaces.

ABI’s Diversity Working Group proudly brings you this impactful event, which will highlight the importance of active allyship, a powerful tool in making our environment more inclusive and equitable. We have assembled a fantastic panel of attorneys and DE&I professionals that, through their expertise and practical advice, will provide participants with a brief orientation on the current state of diversity in the legal profession; new language and awareness; discussion on what it takes to be an active ally; guidance on when it is appropriate to take a stand and when it is time to stand back; and inspiring discussion on how our panelists have benefited from allies themselves.

Join this one-hour webinar for a unique opportunity to deepen your understanding of diversity in our profession, and to learn how you can make a difference as you strive to be recognized as an active ally.

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This panel explores the realities, misconceptions and interpretations of the “business case” vs. the “values case” for diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) in this interactive session. The panelists highlight the gaps created when the business case for DEI is prioritized over values and organizational culture, and examine metrics that can measure and evaluate the progress of values around DEI.
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Join ABI's Diversity Working Group to hear from experts on the current trends related to gender identity and pronoun usage, workplace liability issues and more.

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The goal of diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) has been a frequent point of discussion over the last few years, including at last year’s conference. This panel will focus on how DEI is now being implemented in the legal world generally and in the insolvency space specifically. The panelists also will discuss how they have integrated DEI talking points into their daily practice.

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This panel will discuss why understanding gender identity is important to your practice, with a focus on key concepts and terms, gender identity/expression, sexual orientation and pronoun usage, and how we can best implement gender identity/expression in our professional lives.

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If you're looking for black and ethnic minority bankers in senior positions at banks, you'll have to look carefully. And you may not even know that minority banks exist. This panel will include a thought-provoking discussion around diversity and inclusion initiatives based on their personal and professional experience. The goal of the panel is to encourage an open dialogue and educate our attendees on the benefits and challenges of diversity and practical suggestions for achieving a more diverse workplace.

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